Sunday, August 07, 2011

George B. McClellan just got a whole lot smarter

After some 30 years of continuous showings the film "Antietam Visit" has finally been replaced at the Visitor Center. 

And not a moment too soon.



CraigSpiel said...

30 years! That is longer than the Rocky Horror ran in Frandor, back in East Lansing!

Greg Taylor said...

How did McClellan get a whole lot smarter?

Chris Evans said...

I always wanted to see the complete film. I saw parts of it on a film about the Civil War in the Eastern theater that I saw.

The great website JonahWorld has a mention of the Antietam film on his site. The New Market film he mentions sounds much worse:

From the clips I saw it looked much better than the ancient Shiloh film that has been running at that battlefield since the '50s.


Mannie Gentile said...


The New Market film was one of the worst, I suspect it was due to minimal budget and art direction.

I saw, this spring, New Markets new production, which is actually pretty good..


Chris Evans said...

That's good to hear New Market has a better film now. Now if they could only replace that Shiloh film.

The 3-D film that is shown at Chickamauga is quite excellent.

I have a copy of the one hour film that is shown at Antietam at noon. I have always found it quite good.

That production company did an excellent 2 hour documentary on the Wilderness in '96. They were suppose to release the Antietam film in some sort of miniseries but I guess never got around to doing it.


Matthew Donnelly said...

New Market's film can't be worse than Shiloh, which is both very old and very cheap. The rangers were almost apologetic in showing it,and they said that they, too, have a new movie coming by April.
The only thing I'll miss from Antietam Visit is "Twenty Years Ago".

Will Hickox said...

Greg, I think he means that McClellan is treated more favorably in the new doc.