Friday, October 07, 2011

A bright and Beautiful Autumn Day

Two weeks of cold, rainy, and dreary weather have finally left the valley.  In the wake of that soggy weather has been some of the most glorious days yet this year.  Come along with me on a walk.

Visitors Center

Dunker Church

Roulette ice house

Roulette spring house

Roulette house through old window

Three Farms trail

Mumma sheep barn

Three Farms trail

End of summer in Mumma cornfield

West Woods hen house

West Woods Trail

Dunker Church Road

Mumma cornfield

Mumma swale


Lovely day, beautiful place.

Enjoy the light,

Ranger Mannie


John Rudy said...

New camera? Awesome! Glad to see you back in the photog saddle.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous professional like photos as usual, Mannie! Great post! Hope you both are well.