Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick or Treat - and how!

What sounds like sporadic gunfire throughout the valley this afternoon is actually the full-leaved, and covered with four inches of heavy snow, treelimbs snapping and crashing all over the mountainside.

The Park closed early today due to the surprise snowstorm, and although I'm conked out with a cold, Susan is out in the yard with a broom saving our trees.

This one will make it through the storm. 
Our maple in the backyard however...

I wasn't able to get to it in time.  Most of its limbs are on the ground.

            Just getting this post up was a chore as the power drops every few minutes

With the limbs drooping over the powerlines like this, we expect to lose electricity any moment now, making for a chilly night.

Halloween greetings from just north of Boonsboro.
Ranger Mannie (fighting a head cold)


Jeff said...


Sorry about the maple - and your cold. Here at the Jersey shore we got loads of rain but happily no snow! They are comparing this to the 1991 Halloween tempest of "Perfect Storm" fame.


Hang in there,


Anonymous said...

Wacked a few family bushes here in Mount Airy too. Couldn't bear to see Aunt Donnas' favorite "Burning bush" twisting under the weight of the heavy, wet snow! It was fun to get out and play in the snow.

Hope your cold goes away soon Mannie.

Cousin Sharon

Unknown said...

We've been watching the news, and just can't believe it. Very, very odd. Stay warm and well and safe.

Anonymous said...

Hope things are getting back to normal!