Friday, November 11, 2011

Kids Today


Meet Victoria Nelson - Junior Ranger

Today it was my pleasure to make the acquaintance of one of the brightest, most enthusiastic kids I've ever met on the Battlefield; Victoria Nelson.

She really enjoyed the battlefield and got the most out of her visit by completing our 
Junior Ranger booklet.

Not only were her answers to the questions thoughtful...

but her rendering of the McKinley monument is a real stand-out (let's hope this aspiring artist stays at it).

I suspect that one day this young lady will be turning in her Junior Ranger badge for a metal one and the green and gray uniform of a National Park Service Ranger.

Great Job, Victoria!


Unknown said...

Love those Junior Rangers!

BTW, we have a Jr. Ranger booklet for Fallen Timbers, which I designed to be done virtually (since there's still no access to the actual battlefield.) At one time there was a pdf available, but now I can't find it. I'll round it up and send you a copy.

HankC said...

Great stuff.

At Yellowstone, our children turned in their junior ranger portfolio at one of the sub-stations scattered throughout the park. The ranger said he’d ‘check’ them and please come back in a bit.

A loudspeaker broadcast a few minutes later asked, ‘all visitors please assemble on the front porch for a special announcement’.

Naturally, the ranger, with great fanfare, publicly presented JR badges to our older (beet-red with embarrassment) and younger (beaming from ear-to-ear).

My guess is that ranger really enjoys the job!!