Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fort Donelson and "Iron Valentines"


Do ya'll miss me?

I am still writing, if you know where to look.  This blog should be back up to its usual semi-regularity in early April.

Until then I'm enjoying this opportunity of working for Manassas, though remotely from Antietam, producing material for the NPS 150th social media team (Facebook and such).   I'm really happy to be doing such creative stuff for the Sesquicentennial.

Here's the Valentine's Day entry on the Antietam Facebook page.

Do check out the Antietam Facebook page regularly, and you have kids (or you still like to color) be sure to go to that site every Saturday morning and print out the civil war coloring or activity pages that I'm making up.  And to feel free to "like" and "share" what you see on that page.  Thanks all.

Still pluggin' away, in cyber-space, but still just north of Sharpsburg,


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John Nicholas said...

It looks like you are working in a bunker several hundred feet underground. Is there a Titan missle down there?