Thursday, February 02, 2012

Hit "return" or left click

And now, for something completely different.

For the next two months visitors won't find me at the visitors center doing my usual Park Ranger thing.

Instead, I'll be busily working on articles like this for Antietam's Facebook page.  I get to work with a team of very creative people to create electronic media content in the run-up for this year's observance of the 1862 Maryland Campaign in general and the Battle of Antietam in particular.

I'll be pretty scarce at "My Year of Living Rangerously" for a couple of months too although, you may wish to check out Antietam's Facebook page here, some of those posts will have been written by the "old ranger" and I'd love it if you'd hit those "friend" and "like" buttons.

Staying busy, virtually and otherwise, Just north of Sharpsburg,



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Unknown said...

Will do, Ranger Dude. Sounds like a mini-detail of the funnest sort.