Friday, March 23, 2012

It seems like only yesterday


My how time flies when you're having fun.  I just realized that this is my 700th post to this blog.  Thanks to those who find it somewhat useful.

And speaking of which, the July Civil War Times has historian Gary Gallagher making some insightful comments on Civil War blogs.  He also demonstrates that he can take criticism with an admirable equanimity.  And that's kind of refreshing.

Note the magazine has yet another article on one of the most over-rated Civil War participants (pictured on the front cover) and one of my favorite Civil War historians (not to mention good friend, fellow ranger, and blogger) John Hoptak on the back cover.

Please indulge me a pet peeve:

Throwing around the nicknames of Civil War generals is no substitute for actual scholarship.  Know what I mean?

Let me supply a new crop of nicknames:

Joshua, "underpants" Chamberlain
Samuel "home fries" Sturgis
Jesse "boondocks" Reno
Nathan "double clutch" Forrest
George Sears "Christmas catalogue" Green
Oliver O. "kissy-lips" Howard

There, I must be a know-it-all too!

Keeping it lighthearted,
just north of Boonsboro,



Devan said...

Your posts are always a welcome read - may there be many many more.

Jeff said...

You are this wanna-be park ranger's Jedi Master.

The Force is real, and it's in Maryland........

John said...


You left off;

Ambrose "The Razor" Burnside
Phil "The Dome" Sheridan
William T. "Sparky" Sherman
John "MR Decisive" Pemberton

PS: LOVE the poster in the background!