Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Antietam Sunrise


Have I ever mentioned...?

 of course I have.




Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!!!!I have said it before,but can you have a better job than you do?I bet you would say no. Mike

dmsdbo said...

A beautiful place indeed - getting up to capture the early morning shots is well worth the accompanying groginess. Keep sharing these wonderful shots of Antietam and the Cumberland Valley - very reassuring for those of us still less Spring-endowed!

In the interest of good feelings - some sunrise Gettysburg shots of my own making for good measure (and quietly planning to add some Antietam later this summer):


Greg Taylor said...

Beautiful. Wish I were there. Here in L.A. it is chilly, overcast, and rain is expected this evening and all day tomorrow.

Thank goodness I still have pleasant memories of taking your Antietam tour last July!

Mike Kendra said...

Those are beautiful photos. I've been bringing my son up to Antietam to take photos of monuments and the cannons, it's always so beautiful. Can regular paid visitors legally drive onto park grounds before the sun technically rises? Park Ranger privileges I guess!