Sunday, July 15, 2012

The nature of nature



Yesterday as I was raising the flag I felt something prick my finger.

This Dobsenfly had been sunning himself on the flagpole halyard and I didn't see him.

Do they bite?

oh yes.

I guess it could have been worse...

I photographed this three-incher two weeks ago.

Never a dull moment at your National Parks.




John Cummings said...

Oh my Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord! No idea these creatures existed. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Do they charge when wounded?

Steve Keating

HankC said...

mystery solved!

I had an identical 'incision'.

Now I know where i came from...

Mike Kendra said...

Wow, it's bad enough watching out for ticks when you lay on the ground to take a nice photo. That's nearly terrifying! Don't show that to my wife!

Charlie said...

Nice pictures! The one that bit you was actually female, and the bigger one is male and couldn't bite you if it tried, but all the same it's scary!