Monday, September 17, 2012

Antietam 150

Sesquicentennial images


A weekend to reflect and remember.

Mannie (just north of Sharpsburg)


Alton said...

Great pictures and I like the FB videos too. I really wish I could be there.

Chris Evans said...

How I'd like to be there.

As Olivier says at the end of the legendary 'World at War': "Remember."


Anonymous said...

As usual you manage to catch everything.

John C. Nicholas

Jessika Hoover said...

My family and I had a wonderful time there over the past weekend. We already can't wait to come back again! You all really set the bar for other 150th events. Wonderful pictures!

Matthew Donnelly said...

Everyone at Antietam should be commended for a fantastic 150th anniversary celebration. I was particularly gratified to finally meet you on Monday and listen to your battlefield introduction talk. My son finds it very memorable that you singled him out for show that he had more military experience than most soldiers, just by playing FPS games and watching war movies.
Matt and Devin Donnelly