Monday, July 08, 2013

Gettysburg 150 photo album (the final installment)

Here are some miscellaneous photos that didn't make it in to previous posts.  I guess I want to stretch out that Gettysburg high a little longer.

Ranger Jared Frederick assists a visitor on the first morning.

Santa's Confederate brother?

Ranger John Hoptak leads the way!

Buford and a far-to-jolly (considering his fate) Reynolds.  

Attentive Confederate reenactors.

Camp life.

Park Service employee Clayton Barker (left) in rebel ensemble.

Ranger Caitlin Kostic keeps visitors spellbound;

like  these two.

Union reenactors about to advance.

A snoozing zouave.

Zouave ready for action.

Second Corps reenactor in camp.

Grand Rapids Michigan remembers the Peach Orchard.

A campaigner on the "munch".

Ranger Dan Welch amid a sea of hikers.

Dixie chic.

A young actor in an evening performance of "Voices of the Civil War".

A very hot day for wool!

I remember the feeling.

Ranger Dan Vermilya leads the charge.

And that's that


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Jeff said...


Thanks for your always excellent photos! I am happy that you got to experience this first hand.