Sunday, October 06, 2013

Antietam Images

Here are some random photos of the park to get us through this closure and to remind us what a special place Antietam National Battlefield is.






Let's hope the park reopens soon.

Waiting by the phone, just north of Boonsboro


Jeff said...

I love the photo of the full moon over the eagle. Absolutely haunting and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't I get the memo about needing 3D glasses to visit the park?

John Heiser said...

Thanks for reminding us of the beauty of the park, Mannie, and the people who make it a special place.

Audrey Scanlan-Teller said...

Missing Antietam and my Antietam peeps horribly. Thank you for posting pictures of both and making me smile.


Anonymous said...

Great park. Is the American flag in the VC not hung backwards?

Dylan Hyde said...

Great photos, Mannie. I enjoyed that very much! Can't wait to get back to the park.