Monday, March 27, 2006

Burnside's Bridge

It is hard to believe that on September 17, 1862 the roadbed of this bridge was so slippery with human blood it was almost impassible. The story of General Burnside's assault of this bridge is an epic tale.

Today the peaceful waters of Antietiam Creek reflect up on the arches of the bridge without any clue of the titanic struggle that happened here.

Alternately known as Lower Bridge and Roherbach's Bridge, this beautiful stone span across Antietam creek was built in the 1830s. Surviving war, flood, and calamity, it survives as one of the most tranquil and picturesque spots in all of Western Maryland.

Yours to enjoy when you visit Antietam national battlefield.

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PatriotBlue said...


You've always impressed me as a multi-talented individual. By sharing your blog, you've 1) demonstrated your photography skills, 2) took me on a journey to the past; from a historical perspective and from the times I stood at those same sites, and 3) made me wonder why I'm still sitting here in Michigan.

Thanks friend,