Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Making my daily bread

The green badge of courage

Today it was off to North Hagerstown High School, as a music teacher, for Pete's sake! I never know from one day to the next what my classroom experience will be like. So far, Kindergartners and H.S. juniors and seniors are my favorites. With the little tots all you have to do is keep reading to them and be alert to their bathroom needs. When a five-year-old sez he has to go, consider his clock is already about run out. Kindergarten is also great because math consists of thngs like identifying the quarter, the dime, and the nickel...even I can do that! High schoolers are great because usually they've started to develop a good degree of maturity and sophistication, sometimes even conversational skills.

Todays crop was perfectly pleasant. Very raucous band students...all enthusiasm and no malice (its important to not confuse the two). Also some very talented young musicians.

Mr. "G", have credentials, will travel.

Yesterday I had three periods of seventh graders for a middle school science class in Boonsboro. It was odd how two of the classes were great kids and the third was pretty unhospitable. Must've had something to do with "funny hat day" I guess.

I'll just sit tight and see what tomorrow brings.


Jussy J said...

Dear Mr. G,

I love reading your blogs about the volunteering life and the job that gets you by. I've said it before and I'll say it again: those kids are lucky to have you! Thanks for all the positive words about life in schools. All the hardworking teachers appreciate it. I can't wait to visit you someday and see all the fields, bridges, and badges up close. Enjoy the spring. Love, Jussy J

Janis said...

Another local blogger! Thanks for commenting on my site so that I could discover your site.

The park volunteers and rangers are a great bunch. My niece participated in a junior ranger program during a visit from Georgia last year - she loved it, and the ranger was very helpful and patient. That's the kind of experience that will encourage a young girl to develop a bond with our national parks and historic places.

Mannie Gentile said...
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