Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy is he who hangeth his hat with the rangers.

Cool news!

Yesterday I was informed by my supervisor that as a first-year ranger I was selected to receive an additional 960 training hours. What this obscure tidbit amounts to is that I will be working at Antietam, full-time as a ranger for all but about ten days of the next year (good-bye substitute teaching...for awhile)! Cool!

The second piece of news is that this coming Monday, I'll be giving my first two and a half hour battlefield tour. This is sort of like graduation for a new ranger. The battlefield tour is something that you work your way up to. You start off at the battlefield by first writing an outline for a thirty minute orientation talk, which I started doing as a volunteer in February. Then, rangers write and submit for approval an outline for a 45 minute artillery talk, which I've been doing for a month now. Finally, a new ranger joins the fraternity of seasoned rangers by writing and having approved an outline for a two- and- a-half hour battlefield tour.

Today Ranger Brian and Ranger Mike were out in 99 degree heat gamely giving their tours. Monday It'll be my turn and they're rooting for me. One of the coolest of the many cool things about this very cool job is the support one gets from the other rangers.

I'll stay hydrated and keep you posted!

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