Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Parade of the Experts

"I don't need a brochure, I'm an Antietam expert of the highest degree".

Well, that's what he said, and I've no reason to doubt him. Expert or not, however, his ticket still cost him four bucks. I hadn't stopped to realize that I'd be meeting..."encountering" is the better word...so many individuals who have real or imagined expertise and authority regarding the subject of the Civil War. Only makes sense, after all, National Geographic lists Antietam as the most pristine of our Civil War parks. We're a bright beacon attracting many tour groups led by famous authors.

The rangers often observe, with a suppressed chuckle, as a historian of the "highest degree" or equally renowned authority indicates an important landmark on the battlefield, say, the sunken road, and are actually pointing in the opposite direction (toward the outlet mall up Hagerstown way).

But, I guess it just goes to show that there's plenty of money to go around for everybody.

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