Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Washington DC; Lincoln's Fortress City (click here to see the excerpts)

By the way, I also enjoy shooting and editing video. I worked for 4 years at the public access television station in Grand Rapids Michigan (GRTV) I was the project manager for the MoLLIE program. My team and I travelled to area schools and taught kids grades 3-12 how to write, shoot, perform, and edit their own curriculum-linked (history, math, science, etc.) videos for cablecast. We worked with thousands of kids and they came up with some great videos.

Along the way I became interested in doing my own stuff and under the masthead of my consulting company "Museum of America", I produced three short documentaries. The one linked to this YouTube URL is the latest, though far from finished; "Washington D.C.: Lincoln's Fortress City".

Please note that the compression rate really has a negative impact on the resolution of what you'll be viewing

After reading the Margaret Leech Classic "Reville in Washington" as well as the more recent "Freedom Rising" by Ernest B. Furgurson I was prompted to do a 29 minute piece regarding the history of those Civil War era forts that ring the least those that are still preserved.

I'm starting the piece with a comparison between the post 9-11 frenzy of today with that of the post First Manassas hysteria of 1861. I'm working on it in fits and starts and hope to have it done by spring.

Do let me know what you think.


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Anonymous said...

i watched your video! it was great! i'm full of technical questions, like: did you loop your own audio? how did you position yourself so beautifully betwixt those two reeds?!?! is that the "orchestra warming-up" that i hear in the beginning? good stuff. :-)