Saturday, August 05, 2006

What a dork!

So, today I'm giving the two hour battlefield tour and it's great because the big heat wave is over and I had about 55 enthusiastic participants.

Everything's going swimmingly through the greeting and the orientation talk. We then caravan to the first stop between the Cornfield and the Westwoods. The group so far has been very receptive and engaged...looking good!

Then, when I'm talking about Clara Barton or something, people in the group begin taking pictures of me...I'm really in the groove and I've definately got them in the palm of my hand with my storytelling!

As more people start taking pictures of me I become even more animated and dynamic in my presentation, and the audience is responding with delighted looks of wonder and more picture taking.

I'm thinking "Am I the bees knees here, or what?"

I conclude that part of the talk and I'm walking back to the van feeling pretty smug about my superior rangering abilities.

One of the visitors, passing me on the way to his car, paused to say;

"Nice job. By the way, a butterfly landed on your hat".


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