Monday, August 07, 2006

"What if...?"

The "what if" questions are the bane of all rangers:

"What if Reynolds had lived?"
"What if Lee had accepted command of the Union Army?"
"What if Jackson had survived his wound?"
"What if Larry Turtledove had majored in accounting?"

"What if" questions, like speculative history (also known as fiction), just don't interest me.

Except maybe, "What if we all calm down and learn from the history that we actually have?"

Okay, I give in -

"What if A.P. Hill's brigade of giant Japanese horror movie preying mantis monsters had arrived at Sharpsburg sooner?"

I guess that's actually a legitimate question.

Stay cool!

Ranger Mannie

1 comment:

Xan said...

Um, Mannie, you sure you didn't mean Harry Turtledove here? (vs. "What if Larry Turtledove had majored in accounting?").

Yeah, I'm a fan (hangs head in shame). And at least he really did major in history of some sort, albeit of the Byzantine Empire. It takes a seriously disturbed person though to write something like Sentry Peak. :)