Friday, November 17, 2006

Days Grow Shorter

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Autumn deepens and we shifted to daylight savings time. Our days at the park seem so short now. As sundown happens around 4:45 we have some incredible views available from the back of the visitors center as we go about our routine of shutting down for the day.

With the sun at such an extreme angle hidden features of the park begin to pop right out at you. The elusive Pry House becomes instantly visible up on Red Hill, though only for a few moments as it's Western face is briefly bathed in direct sunlight. The sheep grazing at the Mumma farm become bright white puffs of light.

The valley is filled with contrasting bands of light and shadow as the sun competes with the clouds.

And before you know it, another day has ended. Time to bring down the flag, lock up and look forward to another Antietam day.

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