Monday, December 25, 2006

I can't get too comfortable.

Check out the blog Civil War Bookshelf, written by Dimitri Rotov.

Although I often find his posts somewhat puzzling, esoteric, and even cryptic, he often challenges the way I've viewed the history of the war (Bruce Catton being my compass and all).

Mr. Rotov continually causes me to question my assumptions, and, although this is sometimes aggravating, I believe that his assertions and arguments have made me a more critical reader and a much better Ranger.

Provocation is an essential part of interpretation, and Mr. Rotov will keep you thinking and on your toes.

The Civil War is much more than our fond memory of 54mm plastic soldiers and the Time-Life series.

Check him out at:

Merry Christmas all!

Ranger Mannie

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Anonymous said...

Great to have you back, Ranger Mannie. Hope you're loving your new house. Jussy J