Saturday, July 28, 2007

A new website!

Harry Smeltzer and Brian Downey have cooked up a really fine website and online newsletter for SHAF - Save Historic Antietam Foundation. Do check it out at: (or click on the title of this posting)

Its very glossy (as they said back in the caveman days of print), very professional, and very informative.

This site deserves a good long look just as SHAF deserves your support. Without the fine folks of SHAF, Antietam National Battlefield would be hard-pressed to meet its mission. Committed preservationists at SHAF as well as other organizations, have helped to purchase, reclaim, and restore important portions of the battlefield. We are daily, greatful for their efforts on the behalf of the park as well as the nation.

A tip of the big Ranger hat to SHAF. I wish them and their new website a long and illustrious run!

Ranger Mannie

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