Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What we name our children, Part 2: We May Have a Winner!


Mr. G


Anonymous said...

I think the parents just took the very common name Noivadniuq and reversed it, kind of like Oprah and Nomar.


Anonymous said...

Mannie I taught for over 34 years. I saw some interesting names in those years. Silvery Blu was one and Deja (as in Deja Vu, honest her mother told me that is how she named her.) Caprashean was a interesting one back in the early 70's . Tasman and Tiernan were named for their dad's favorite surfing spot and beer. Oh one of my all time favorite is the kid that changed his own name. He was Leonard and in preschool as he liked Teddy Bears he changed his name to Teddy. As far as I know he is still Teddy.

Gotta love teaching kids they teach you so much. Only thing I miss about teaching, the kids.