Saturday, March 08, 2008

Big pills, little sleep

This three and a half month long cold turns out to be the mother of all sinus infections, an unintended gift from the kids at rhino-virus middle school.

My doctor put me on a med with interesting side-effects, including:

"taste perversion" which has nothing to do with enjoying John Waters movies and everything to do with finding that every taste I know and love tastes like odd flavors I've never experienced before.

"This Pepsi tastes like Schmepsi".

Also insomnia.  Until this week I confused insomnia with simply a bad night's sleep.

Insomnia is more like:  "Man, if I wasn't totally made out of electricity I just might be able to nod off!"

Otherwise, its great being able to breath through my nose again.

Better living through chemistry.  Hey! who's up for an all-night Scrabble Party?  I'll get the pretzels, you pick out some movies.



Steve Basic said...


Have the insomnia cure here. Just pop in the DVD of "God's and Generals", and you will fall asleep mumbling why the Battle of Antietam was not in the movie.:)

Hope you get well soon.

Regards from the Garden State,

Steve Basic

mannie said...


...and it'd right in with "taste perversion" too!