Friday, March 21, 2008

The changing face of Civil War country

Washington County is liberally dotted with these pretty L-shaped brick houses with the breezy second story porches.

Many of these historic farm houses witnessed the great events that swept back and forth across this throughfare of combat that is the Cumberland Valley. If you're the sort who likes to get swept away by a sensation of the presence of the past, this is definately the place for you.

Its often easy, in Washington County, to think that this pastoral area will always be as it has been.

But then, just while your mind was wandering, things changed...

same farmhouse, new neighborhood.

Development comes rapidly, pastoral vistas give way to sprawl, historic ground ends up underneath parking lots

Is it a question of too many developers, or simply too many people, or too little appreciation for the past?

Ranger Mannie

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Anonymous said...

That's disturbing to me ... saddens me. I think it's greed, too many people, and most of all NO appreciation of our past and those that struggled before us. Maybe it's good sometimes that I dont live in civil war country. I'd be depressing to see it changing before my eyes. I think I was born in the wrong century.

Lakeland, FL