Saturday, March 22, 2008

High tech ugly, low tech ugly, just plain ugly

Reddy Kilowatt works day and night to bring adequate supplies of power and communications utilities to our communities to meet our growing energy, text-messaging, online-shopping, and cyber porno needs!
Like Reddy sez
"Remember kiddies, Power ain't often pretty!"

Brian over at Behind Antietam on the Web makes note of the threat to the Antietam battlefield landscape by a proposed communications tower. The backers of the tower claim it will be an unobtrusive "stealth tower" designed to blend in with the surroundings.

Yeah, unobtrusive if you were a set designer for "Land of the Giants" back in the 1960s

"Honey look at the freak alien tree! Where are the kids? Run!, run for the car!"

Certainly this will mar the landscape of the valley.

Which currently looks like this:

Historic Boonsboro

Lappans Road, on the way to Antietam Creek

Our thirst for power has a long history of screwing up the landscape. Somewhere, way back in the misty past, ugly became acceptable.

Craig Warren down in the comments mentions this short by cartoonist R. Crumb "A Short History of America" which pretty well says it all.

I hope the tower doesn't get built, I also hope that a proposed new route for high tension power lines isn't brought through the valley.

Let's keep each other posted.

Ranger Mannie


john said...

Hi there Ranger Mannie

The electricity guys murder trees in our area as well. Last year we had to chop down an eucalyptus tree in our own front garden because their lopping had unbalanced the tree. It was terrible. We have streets in our suburb that look just like the photograph in your blog.

Love reading your blog,
John, NSW, Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mannie,

Your post reminded me of the cartoonist R. Crumb's "A Short History of America."

You can watch the short history at the link below, where the drawings change about every five seconds or so. Some of the pictures look like the ones captured in your post. So sad.

Mannie Gentile said...


You're right. R. Crumb (America's greatest heinie fan) has it spot on!


Mannie Gentile said...


Thanks for the vote of confidence from "down under". Yes, trees take a beating for the sake of a few kilowatts don't they?