Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a parade!

Full post later. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!



Unknown said...

Still miss you out here in Michigan - Just back from a walk through Fulton St Cemetary and while a good effort was made with the flags, the boy scouts some how missed the Pierce's - I mean how many cemetaries have Civil War Major Generals? - Did we ever decide if he was the last living Major General when he died in 1924?

Steven Champlins grave had a flag, flowers (plastic) and new GI marker - where is the old one?

And construction hasn't been completed on the new wall so there is a fence about 2 feet from Champlins grave to the wall

Have a good holiday

Mike Hoffman
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mannie Gentile said...


How nice to hear from you. I Hope everything in the old neighborhood is still clicking along. I'm sure the kids are already enjoying the pool.

Regarding Champlin being the last living major general, I don't know, I'd defer to Steve Soper on that one.

Champlin's original headstone was accessioned into the permanent collection of the Public Museum of Grand Rapids. I remember that it took a particularly hard sell to convince key colleagues to accept it into the collection and it was also one of my last acts prior to leaving that institution.

Regarding the reconstruction of the retaining wall, I'm not surprised that so little progress has been made. Fulton Street has long needed some sort of advocacy group or friends organization.

Otherwise, everything here on the side of the mountain is great and life continues to be a little sweeter with each new spring day.

Regards to all on Knapp Street.

By the way, not until moving to South Mountain did I realize how much we all (in Michigan) take so for granted that marvel known as topsoil.

Happy summer!