Sunday, November 09, 2008

The situation north of here

Is something about to hit the fan up there?


Minnesota Joe said...

Are you referring to the departure of Dr. Latschar? BTW, love the blog.

Anonymous said...

No actually things are looking up. Mr. Wilburn, the president of the Gettysburg Foundation, is retiring. He had only planned to be in his position for a few years and but it stretched into a lot longer than he had planned. Dr. Latschar had also planned to retire when his last kid had finished college. He was unaware that the board was considering him the job as Foundation president. With the new visitor center now open, Latschar will be focused more on operations rather than fundraising. It seems like a big win for everybody concerned.

John David Hoptak said...

Probably. .
when I tell my wife that I intend to go back to school for my Ph.D.

Is that what you're referring to?

Mannie Gentile said...

Joe - yes
anonymous - sure, o.k.
John - hadn't thought of that, must revise

Anonymous said...

dont care too much for the new center; a lot of antiques I saw in the exhibits are not there. A big let down

Anonymous said...

Well there is the possiblilty that I might be moving into one of the farmhouses on the battlefield. Is THAT what you are referring too?

John C. Nicholas

Mannie Gentile said...


Thats it!