Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bridge Inspector

This morning I encountered this little swift sitting atop the new coping of Burnside Bridge.  he let me get within inches.

What a beautiful place.



Michael Aubrecht said...

Great shot Mannie. He kinda' looks like Burnside... Maybe he's come back reincarnated to retake the bridge?

Anonymous said...

He's not yellow, but I'd still eat him.

Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous bird, Mannie. I enlarged it here on my laptop in my patrol car. I'll be back up in mid August to do all of the new hiking trails at the battlefield.


Anonymous said...

He's a beauty. I spotted a particularly beautiful bird as well, except in Rocky Mountain NP this past weekend. he also came within inches.

I took an interp program of yours last summer, and am still enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work my friend.