Thursday, September 03, 2009

Magnetic Personality

Something I was working on here last month...

became manifest today in all of its magnetic glory as Fedex delivered the finished product to the visitor center.

A half-size magnetic vinyl soldier in his long johns with three magnetic uniforms that kids can trick him out in. In addition to the Federal sack coat and kepi he also has a very colorful Zouave uniform. And for pure functionality as well as the look of the jaunty campaigner...

the always comfortable Confederate in a well-worn slouch hat.

I think there may be more to this project (uniform-wise) as funding becomes available.

Staying fashionable, just north of Sharpsburg,



Gary Dombrowski said...

Mannie, That's great. Nothing like a little hands on activity for the kids. ~Gary

Anonymous said...

That's so cool.

John C. Nicholas

Dan said...

Question - your Zouave fella has a "9" on his fez, which to me denotes that he's supposed to represent the 9th NY. But didn't the Hawkins Zouaves have blue pantaloons, rather than red? Or was it a merely ann artistic decision to offer red, to make the uniform more colorful and appealing?

Mannie Gentile said...


Or perhaps its a 6 that's worked its way upside down, or what's left of a 19 or a 29 or a 2,957.

Whatever it is, it is a cartoon.