Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Change is in the air

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my days off from Antietam National Battlefield. This morning I actually slept in, I'm usually up by 7:00, but today began at 8:30. The cool air coming in the French doors from the backyard made for a very good nights sleep. The day was bright and cool, a perfect day to put the bike in the truck and head for the C and O Canal towpath and Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

Harpers Ferry is one of my favorite places around here. After a six mile pedal on the towpath from milepost 67 I parked my bike under the Railroad/pedestrian bridge that spans the Potomac and walked into the Ferry. It was a perfect time to be there.

The height of the season is behind them and the more sedate operational tempo provided me with many opportunities to find myself nearly alone from time to time. I lounged on a bench and watched the people go by as the late morning sun warmed me and the paving stones. The sky was absolutely beautiful and the air was filled with the fragrance of late blooming flowers.

I took advantage of the absence of milling throngs to visit several of the museum buildings including the machine shop and dry goods store. I also stopped at the Visitors Center and took this picture of one of my favorite artifacts...

the 100lb. Parrot shell (Pepsi for scale). I did examine it closely.

Then it was back to my bike and the six mile pedal to where my truck was waiting. Arriving home I putzed around in my new studio, did a few chores and then made a small pizza for supper, which I finished in time to step back out on the deck to marvel at a beautiful sunset sky over my Cumberland Valley.

That's when I realized that this had been the first really happy day I've had in nearly six months. What a welcome change.

Thinking positive, just north of Boonsboro,



Gary Dombrowski said...

Mannie, Good for YOU. It can be tough to see someone go through a difficult time. It's great to see you begin your bounce back. ~Gary

Michael Aubrecht said...

I'm hoping this is just the beginning of many-many good days to come. (Still thinking about and praying for you my friend.) - Michael

Jonathan Scott said...

That's beautiful, Mannie. I know I don't post often at all (on my blog or yours), but I'm a frequent reader of the antics just north of Sharpsburg. Can't wait to get (back)to Antietam and drop you a line in person.

Great job finding the joy, sir. Keep at it. :-)

Joel Manuel said...

Hi, Ranger Mannie. I read your blog from time to time; my favorite post by far is your toy soldier rendering of the Bloody Lane. I hope things look up for you; at least you have your health (I'm assuming) and a job at what I'm sure is a wonderful place. I'm visiting Sharpsburg for the 2nd time this November & hope to see you there; it's more like my first trip, since I was 16 when I initially visited the battlefield, 20 years ago.

My great/great/great-grandfather (Alfred Young) was in Co C of the 6th Louisiana (Hays).

Joel Manuel
Baton Rouge LA

Anonymous said...

Yes, summer is definitely over. I've already seen a few leaves turning color. Things have also greatly dropped off up here north of the Mason-Dixon line. I heard you were at home today working in your not-so-secret laboratory on what I'm sure will be an excellent project.

John C. Nicholas

Anonymous said...

Good for you, my friend!


Anonymous said...

postitve it is, ranger. Noel

Pat Jones said...

I continue to be impressed with the images you record, both from the standpoint of beauty and that of you having such an EYE for capturing the moment. Thank YOU, Mannie! Hoping that change that's in the air brings you an ever increasing amount of very good days. :)