Saturday, March 13, 2010

That beautiful time of year at this beautiful place

This winter, for Maryland, was a doozie!  The park was simply buried, for such a long time, under feet of snow.   Thought the calendar tells us that winter isn't over, a walk outdoors tells us with equal authority that Spring has established a bridgehead and there's  no turning back.

And not a moment too soon, I say.

Buds seem to be sniffing the air to see if the coast is clear.

These make me want to expect an audible "pop".

Though the crocuses seem to always be the first on the scene...

it's the snowdrops, actually, that lead the way every year.

I think  this will be my best year yet, in the best time of year, at the best possible place.  Come see for yourself...

just north of Sharpsburg.


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Unknown said...

We had a glimpse of spring yesterday, just a teaser. Enjoy the beautiful days.