Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Eventful Day at the Park

As I was driving into work I was listening to a radio report about obese and out of shape American youth, only to be greeted, upon pulling into the Visitor Center lot, by these very lean, very fit, young Americans against the skyline.

Oh, that explains everything, three busses of US Marines from the Marine barracks at Eighth and Eye in Washington DC were on the Battlefield for a staff ride.

Ranger Keith gave them one of his trademark outstanding tours of the field.

It was a big group and we were happy to have them aboard!

Later this morning I swung past the Joseph Poffenberger farm and got a gander of Keven, Eric, and Andy from the Cultural Resources Division with a slew of hard working volunteers...

constructing and painting many panels of  restored fence along the historic fence lines of the farm yard.

Such serious workers, these volunteers are very dedicated to the park and do an outstanding job.

And, just like the Marines, they had their own, equally distinctive bus, though perhaps a little more subdued.

Later, and I'm not at all sure how I did this, but somehow I caused Ranger Alann to annoy a Genie and get trapped in a bottle.

I do hope he manages to extricate himself from this pickle!

And finally a quiz for all lovers of our National Parks.  Examine the picture below and identify which National Park it was taken at:


Grand Canyon,




Good old Antietam National Battlefield!

the place I'm so happy to be hanging my Ranger hat.


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Unknown said...

What a sweet day. Do they really pay you to have that much fun? :)