Sunday, April 04, 2010

Uniform Changeover Day!

This is the day that makes all the Rangers quite jolly.  The ties come off, and we go to short sleeves.  We also trade the felt campaign hat for the straw for the next six months.

Tis the season!



Civil War Sallie said...

Hi Ranger Mannie,

My family and I are planning on coming to Antietam for Park Day this Saturday. I am wondering if you might have a few minutes to answer some questions on Clara Barton at Antietam for a video project I am working on for Civil War Sallie.

Looking forward to seeing you again and introducing you to Civil War Sallie.


Mannie Gentile said...


I look forward to meeting with you on Saturday.

contact me at:

I'll check my schedule to see what I have on for Saturday, I'm sure we can find some time to chat.

Looking forward to seeing you.


Jared Frederick said...

Wow. There are actually set dates for the official hat switching? I have much to learn about rangering before I become one next month!

Unknown said...

My clothing changing schedule is a little different! We ditch the winter stuff in oh, about the 4th of July!!

Lookin' good, Ranger M.

HankC said...

thanks, ranger anna.

I was wondering if evefglades rangers had to wait until April and if Yellowstone rangers could wait a while longer.

I check the The Old Faithful WebCam daily. Looks cold with a chance of bison ;)