Saturday, August 07, 2010

Friends at Fox's Gap

The place I live is characterized by beautiful vistas and lots of Civil War history.

Only a few miles from my house is Fox's Gap, an important part of the September 14, 1862 Battle of South Mountain.

After work this evening several of the Antietam crew and friends gathered up at Fox's Gap for a really cool tour by Park Ranger and good friend John Hoptak.

Rosemary, Maury, Ranger Maura, Ranger John, and Jim.

John provided us with a really delightful and informative evening on the mountain, explaining the frequently overlooked, but crucial fight that occurred here as part of Lee's 1862 Maryland campaign.  John's encyclopedic knowledge and outstanding teaching style  brought a clarity as well as an immediacy to those events of 148 years ago.

Although John may be a brainiac...

I am much larger than him.

What could be better than spending a beautiful evening up on South Mountain surrounded by really good friends?



Anonymous said...

You're killing me here! I want to be there in the worst way for such tours as this!

Barry (now retired!)

Monterey Pass Battlefield Institute said...

I love South Mountain State Battlefield and I am so gald it has been my home for the past three years.

Jim Rosebrock said...

Here here Mannie!