Monday, October 25, 2010

In hospital

He all, no posts and no pics for awhile.  This Ranger has a nasty staph infection in his left knee and has been in Washington County hospital since Friday.  Doctors are still in chin-scratching mode.  No estimate of when I get out of here.

An unpleasant turn of events considering that I've got a wedding - MINE - to get to next Sunday.

Here's hoping!

Mannie Room
now giving tours of room 7003


Jim Buchanan said...

Hey Mannie! get well soon!

Jim Buchanan

Unknown said...

Hope you get better soon, Mannie!

Jeff said...


For heaven's sake, WHAT did you kneel on when you proposed to her???

Get well soon!!


Jim Rosebrock said...

Get better soon my friend. You will do anything to meet new friends and interesting people! Jim

scouter573 said...

The old saying is "break a leg", so why did you do this staph thing?

Get well soon and don't take advice from strangers!