Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rare Opportunity to Tour the D.R. Miller House

Rarer than a sighting of El Chupacabra comes the opportunity for visitors to tour the interior of the historic D. R. Miller house on the Antietam Battlefield.

Come this Thursday you will have that rare opportunity.

This, from my friend and colleague, Ranger Alann Schmidt:

This summer we have been highlighting some of the unsung heroes here at

Antietam, namely the staff in the Cultural Resources and Natural Resources
divisions.  Every Thursday at 11:00 a program is held showing off some of
the important projects going on in the park, things that the general public
doesn’t always get to see.  Yesterday the Cultural Resource folks were the
star and presented a full tour of the extensive restoration work taking
place at the D.R. Miller house.  Next Thursday’s program will again focus
on the Miller house, and the following weeks will likely take a look at
other historic structures.  In any case, these programs are a terrific
chance to have a truly “behind the scenes” look at Antietam.  Come on out
and join us for these unique opportunities.

I've profiled the Miller house and our Cultural Resources crew in earlier blog entries , however much progress has been made since then, and this tour will be a real "don't miss" if you will be in the Sharpsburg area this coming Thursday.

They might even show you the Enfield bayonet that they found within the structure.

See you at the park...them 'em Mannie sent you.


John A. Miller said...

Wow, what a treat. Thank you for posting. Great job Cultural Resources.

Anonymous said...

I know that the rangers aren't allowed to talk about it, but I heard that they really did find a chupacabra in the Roulette barn one time. True story.

Anonymous said...

These stories always seem to crop up every once and a while. I was there and I can tell you for certain that it was only a baby vulture projectile vomiting in the Roulette Barn. It scared everyone, but was not anything supernatural.

Anonymous said...

So you say. That's not what I heard.