Monday, July 11, 2011

Report from Area 51

What the H!?

Mannie Gentile - Antietam

Karlton Smith - Gettysburg

Wait just a minute!

Like some diabolical plot from the X-files, armies of dopplegangers in gray and green are fanning out through the park system.  What's the deal? Who can we trust? Where's my survival radio?

Heading for my bunker (Just north of Boonsboro)

Ranger Mannie - the real Ranger Mannie (really)


John Cummings said...

Pods. Has to be pods. Check the woodsheds and greenhouses.

Marianne, aka Ranger Anna said...

What are you guys up to now?????

Fat Cat Hatcheter said...

the un-dead ranger has a pointier hat. That's the only difference I can see.

J David Petruzzi said...

All you rangers look alike - didn't you know that?