Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Third Michigan Blog

My good friend, Steve Soper, has just recently started a blog chronicling the Third Michigan Volunteer Infantry (1861-'64).

Steve has been working on a comprehensive compilation of Third Michigan materials for about 15 years now and has become the "go to" guy for info on this particular pack of Wolverines.

Steve included me (and many others) in this treasure hunt and I would scour the vast collection of a large West Michigan museum that I used to work at, searching for stuff related to the "old Third".

His research has been relentless and pretty exhaustive, and this blog may well be the premier place to go for information on this unit that was so emblematic of the efforts of the Third Corps, AOP.

Check in on him from time to time. http://thirdmichigan.blogspot.com

(photo is of Sgt. Dan Crotty, 3rd Michigan Infantry)

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