Sunday, September 16, 2007

Living Rangerously

Reminding myself of the original purpose of this blog - to provide information to those seeking employment as National Park Service Rangers.

I'm a seasonal ranger .

90% of the NPS ranger force are seasonal rangers.

We are GS 5's, that's $14.00 an hour with vacation and sick days.

When I took this job my wife asked: "are there any benefits?"

and I replied:

The badge, the big hat, and working at the best place on the planet...

with the best colleagues one could hope for:

(l to r, Ranger Mike, Ranger Brian, Me, Ranger John, Ranger Alann. Not pictured are Ranger Keith -the cameraman, Ranger Christie, and Ranger Gordie).

Hey young person...join the NPS. It's the greatest job in the world.

Ranger Mannie

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Mitch H. said...

Oh, hey, I thought I recognized that ranger leading that group of tourists down the hill to the Rohrbach Bridge yesterday afternoon.